4 of The Fastest Growing Green Jobs


The earth’s climate is constantly changing, as it always has, yet scientists are particularly worried about the era of warming over the last couple of decades. There is a consensus that something needs to be changed, and increasingly people are taking action and training to do Just London Jobs that will actively help our environment. Here are 4 of the fastest-growing green jobs at the moment, and it looks like they will be in demand for a very long time!

Wind Energy Workers

With the potential to produce up to ⅓ of the world’s energy supplies by 2050, and replace fossil fuel industry jobs, it’s no wonder that the amount of people working for green energy suppliers such as wind energy companies is growing exponentially. These people are responsible for a wide range of duties, with jobs in all sorts of sectors from designing and building to repairing. Being a part of this exciting industry that is potentially going to completely change the future is certainly appealing to many people.

Water Quality Technicians

Water is something we cannot live without and it is considered to be one of the most precious things on earth. With fears increasing across the world regarding shortages of water, water pollution is something that is intensifying the problem, and recently, people have been increasingly identifying this as a severe issue. There are many water sources available across the world that simply aren’t suitable to drink or farm with, which is where the water quality technician comes in. They test and monitor water supplies to make sure that it is safe. Making the most of the water sources on our planet is so important, as are the jobs of water quality technicians.

Conservation Biologists

If you have a true passion for the environment and conservation, then studying how to maintain and restore lost habitats may be for you. They propose methods of saving our environment and also bringing back what has been lost, all using carefully researched scientific information. With more and more people studying a bachelor’s degree in biology or a related subject, and rightly so, there is hope for the future of our environment. People taking on this job are expected to combine a range of disciplines in order to come up with viable solutions to protect wildlife, water, air and land.

Recycling Worker

The demand for recycling workers is always high, as separating out recycling has become a part of daily life that can’t be avoided. This gruelling job, however, pays an average salary of just £7.89, and people in the job remained usually for less than a year. This is a crucial job, as many households are making the effort to recycle more and more, and it needs to be processed. However, I think it’s fair to say that not many people could stomach doing this job, and so paying such a low wage just isn’t acceptable. The fact that people are making such an effort to recycle is fantastic, but there is of course going to be a high demand for these jobs if the people doing them are paid so poorly. Having sufficient amounts of well-paid staff to sort recycling seems a small price to pay compared to how it could help our environment.

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