The World’s Most Comprehensive GMAT Online Prep Course is Experts’ Global’s

If one does not have a good GMAT score it will become very difficult to secure an admit to the business school of one’s choice. As is the case with other competitive examinations, there are a number of preparation companies that promise to improve the aspirant’s score. Some are, of course, more reliable than others. GMAT preparation requires a serious investment of time and effort, so it is important to choose a prep company that can deliver results. One company that can absolutely do so is Experts’ Global, founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava. Their online GMAT prep course is second to none.

Video Instruction

Experts’ Global makes great use of instructional videos. The firm has over 100 videos that are crisp, clear, and to the point. Collectively, these videos cover the entire scope of GMAT, in a very organized manner. Experts’ Global’s mock test series also video explanations for each one of its questions. Not only do these videos provide guidance on questions that the student cannot answer, but they also provide alternate, more efficient methods of solving all of the questions. Experts’ Global has, of course, also included text explanations for those who do not want to watch the videos.

Congruence with GMAT

The key feature of Experts’ Global’s online GMAT Preparation is just how close it is to the real GMAT. This program’s four thousand training questions and mock test questions have been designed to closely resemble the real GMAT questions, in terms of their scope, complexity, difficulty etc. Experts’ Global’s scoring system is also very much in line with the GMAT’s, as evidenced by just how close their student’s final mock scores are to their real GMAT scores. It is this area in which Experts’ Global displays a unique competency. This level of accuracy is very rare.

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

Included in Experts’ Global’s online training program are 15 full-length mock tests. This is quite a bit more than what most other such services offer. Giving a healthy number of mock tests, to build up one’s endurance and test taking strategy is one of the fundamentals of Experts’ Global’s training philosophy. As mentioned above, Experts’ Global’s tests are exceptionally in sync with the GMAT, in terms of the quality of their questions and how they are scored. Having an accurate scoring system is very important, as it is necessary to give the students an accurate understanding of what level their GMAT performance is on.

Weakness Diagnosis

The utility of Experts’ Global’s practice material is bolstered by an analytics software that is capable of delivering some truly in-depth breakdowns of the student’s performance. After every mock test, the system lets the student know which areas, in quant and verbal, they performed the best and worst in. it also helps with time management, by letting the student know which areas they took the most and least amount of time in. Furthermore, it can also tell the student the average time they took for every question. The analysis software can also analyze the student’s performance over a number of previous tests, so that they can get a better sense of their average performance and broader weaknesses. This helps the student understand exactly what areas they need to improve on. Such analysis could, perhaps, be completed manually but it is much more convenient to be able to get it automatically. After all, time is quite a precious commodity in a GMAT preparation.

Special Features

The Experts’ Global Online GMAT Training Module also includes several unique and innovative features that make learning much easier, in many small ways. One incredibly useful feature that the firm has built into the program is the flag button. This button lets you mark, or “flag” any question that you think you will need to come back to.  This program is mainly intended to make the preparation more convenient. By making it easier to access important questions, Experts’ Global encourages its students to come back to them and go through the relevant concepts in greater detail. This feature allows students to keep a file of hundreds of questions. Another very useful is the “sticky”. The stickies are small, colored pop-up screens that you can use to take notes while studying. You can then pin the stickies to your “wall”. These may seem like trivial features but they are quite useful and show just how dedicated Experts’ Global is to improving every element of their students’ experience.

 The Experts’ Global GMAT Online Training program is an excellently constructed GMAT prep resource. It steadily and surely prepares the GMAT aspirant, through well-paced, comprehensive, and rigorous testing. The instructional material provided is also of the highest quality, with hours of high-quality educational content. Few other GMAT programs can match how Experts’ Global caters to the students’ every need. If one follows this program properly, they are guaranteed to see a significant improvement in their GMAT performance.

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