Dallas is the Place for Sports Fans

The Dallas/Frisco area is a great place for sports fans as well as for people who enjoy fun attractions and trendy restaurants. There are so many different things to see and do, all within a relatively close distance to each other. If you want to experience the sights and sounds of Dallas, you should consider a vacation to this vibrant city. When you arrive, you’ll find many things to do, and places to stay; however, if you want easy access to sporting events, delicious meals, and exciting attractions, consider booking a suite at Hyatt House Dallas/Frisco. This hotel is located within walking distance to 3 stadiums, and a short drive to another.

Sports Events and Attractions

In the Dallas/Frisco area, there are multiple spots where you can enjoy thrilling sports events. The following venues are popular among casual and dedicated sports fans in Frisco:

  • Dr. Pepper Arena: If you like hockey, you can root for the Dallas Stars in the Dr. Pepper Arena. When the hockey season is over in the arena, the Texas Legends take on other basketball teams on the court. The Texas Legends games are always thrilling because the team is part of the NBA G League.
  • The Ford Center: The Ford Center is a prime destination for locals and tourists in Frisco as it has enough seats for 12,000 people. At this arena, you can watch concerts, basketball, Major League Lacrosse, and even high school football players battle other local teams on the field. This place has so much going on, it’s a good idea to check their schedule ahead of time to find what works for you.
  • Toyota Stadium: This stadium has 20,500 seats that surround a soccer field. The Toyota Stadium hosts games for the areas Major League Soccer team, FC Dallas, and offers a great place for local high school football teams to compete.


Frisco has popular restaurants that are worth visiting following a thrilling sports event. The top spots include

  • Estilo Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse: When you crave flavorful lunch or dinner items with Brazilian flair, you can order these types of meals at Estilo Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse. Besides steaks, this spot also has tasty gluten-free options, cold beers, elegant wines, and more. If you visit this spot with a group, everyone can eat small portions from the main menu or a variety of items from the buffet table. The all-you-can-eat menu is appealing because it features roasted meats.
  • Babe’s Chicken Dinner House: If you like crispy fried chicken and flaky, buttery biscuits, you’ll enjoy dining at Babe’s Chicken Dinner House. You can also order great sides with the juicy chicken dishes, such as green beans or french fries.
  • Platia Greek Kouzina: This amazing eatery serves Greek food. The menu at this spot features hardy rice dishes, rich, cheesy appetizers, and other items. All of the food is seasoned well with popular Greek spices.
  • MASH’D: This is a unique place where you can enjoy a healthy meal. At MASH’D, the dishes feature a protein along with fresh veggies. This particular spot gets plenty of traffic during holiday events because a band plays custom music that suits each occasion.

Preparation Tactics

If you want to fully enjoy sporting events in Frisco, you’ll need to plan your visit to each destination carefully. The following strategies can make your time at these venues more enjoyable:

  • Football game strategies: Because Frisco football crowds are large, you should arrive at the Dr. Pepper arena early so that you’ll find a practical parking spot. Once you’re in the arena, consider buying plenty of snacks for everyone before the game starts and during halftime.
  • Basketball games strategies: When you attend basketball games in Frisco, bring a jacket because the temperature in the arena may get chilly. If you want to follow key players as they run down the court, pack a pair of binoculars.

Frisco Transportation Options

In order to access all of the great events and attractions in Frisco, you’ll need to plan out your transportation methods to make sure you can get there at the right time. The main modes of transportation for tourists include:

  • Rental cars: If you’re only going to spend a short time in Frisco, a rental car is a practical transportation option that’s worth considering. Companies that rent vehicles have hourly packages and packages for tourists who need a vehicle for a week. This gives you the ability to travel at your own pace, and on your own schedule.
  • Uber: Uber is a taxi service that helps people commute to various locations. It’s a very inexpensive option for short trips in Frisco because the rates are calculated by distance. In order to use Uber, you’ll need to download the company’s smart phone app. If you don’t plan on traveling a lot that day, or if you know you’ll be having a few drinks, this is the best option for you.
  • Bus: By traveling on a bus, you can commute to different areas in Frisco without spending a lot of cash. However, since bus drivers have travel times, you’ll have to design your routines around the bus schedules.

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