The spirit of Bangles and their Hidden secrets

In Indian society if blessings come as a materialistic thing, then there are many auspicious elements that can be hooked to it such as vermillion, sandalwood, flowers, turmeric, camphor, bananas etc. Another important thing amongst these is bangles. True to the word Asian woman consider bangles as blessings, especially red bangles. Bangles come in all sizes and colours; they are worn from new born babies to elderly woman equally. Bangles are made with different materials in different parts of India like glass, ivory, terracotta, metals like- iron, silver, gold and gemstones, pearls and a host of other materials. Most women in the Indian households prefer gold bangles for daily use. Gold remains to be a popular metal for making bangles. They also stand as a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

Why bangles are worn

Indians are usually considered superstitious in many aspects; however most of the traditions are interlinked with a scientific reason. Likewise, there are many hidden scientific reasons for wearing bangles such as the sound generated from the bangles wipes away negative energy, especially when you wear glass bangles. Theory also suggests that the weight created by the bangles on the hands in turn is connected to motor organs of woman; they thus help in generating more internal energy and overall well-being.

Bangle design transformation

Bangles in the grand olden days during the Indus valley civilization and Mesopotamian times were made with terracotta, mud, ivory etc. They slowly moved to metals like copper, iron and then gradually to gold & silver. From the time when metal is used in bangle making, gold ruled the order.

Gold bangles initially were made in a plain form; Karigars started redesigning them by carving floral vines and abstract designs on the top of the bangles. Slowly they tried making broad bangles; this gave them a freehand to carve intricate designs. Added to this they also worked on studded bangles which are not only heavy but attractive too. They used different gemstones to stud in the bangles, such as CZs, white stones, rubies, emeralds, corals, pearls, black beads, diamonds and many other precious and non-precious gemstones to enhance the bangles look. This ignited the tradition of matching bangles with the attire.

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With a host of benefits in wearing bangles, I cease my blog here for you to introspect on traditions, where to buy beautiful bangles and take the scientific reasons by letter and spirit.

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