Effective Exhibition Storage Tips

Find out how to store your exhibition materials between exhibitions without sacrificing office space, and without spending more than your business can afford.

Exhibitions are vital for some businesses who rely on them to make money and to drum up new potential business opportunities. The problem is, exhibition displays are huge, even with the most modern stands and accessories. Although some displays only take up the space of a car, often a van is needed for larger displays, and along with that, somewhere to store it all.

The problem is, space is like gold dust when you are running a business and especially a startup. It is expensive and if you are paying for office or warehouse space, you need that space to be earning you money through storing stock, making stock or giving staff room to be productive.

So, where can you store your money-making exhibition display without compromising expensive rental space?

The answer is cheap self storage.

Self storage for exhibition materials is ideal because:

  • It is low cost
  • It is flexible
  • You can have the exact size of space you need, and you can move to a smaller or larger space when you need to
  • Your expensive materials are safe and secure
  • You can use the space for additional office storage if you need to
  • You can use the space to prepare materials for your exhibition
  • Some places have 24/7 receptions which will take deliveries, which could help with the logistics of your displays
  • You can afford to have a better, more elaborate display without having to worry about where to store it
  • Your pickup location could be more convenient for loading materials than an inner city office

There are many benefits to storing exhibition materials in cheap self storage including the above, and many more than may be specific to certain business types. For example: companies that use heavy display items like body building or weight lifting materials may struggle to place those items in and out of an office block. In self storage (see Storing.com) those items can easily be placed in and out of the unit using trolleys, with no worry about stairs or difficult manoeuvres through doorways.

How To Choose The Right Self Storage Unit For Your Exhibition Display

If you do opt to use cheap self storage for your exhibition display it is important you take your time choosing the right unit for your needs. Some are larger and more corporate, but have amazing deals on prices. Some are smaller and family owned, but you have the benefit of knowing the staff and getting greater flexibility on your unit usage.

There are lots of other things to consider such as:

  • Rates
  • Contract terms
  • Location
  • Climate control (do they offer it?)
  • Security
  • Accessibility

Do research a few different options and don’t be afraid to negotiate on price if you are a large business needing a few units. Look for the best value and not the cheapest price. Most importantly, visit the units before you make a decision. Remember your expensive display will be securely held at this location, so it is your responsibility to check that the unit is suitable before signing a contract.

Your business can continue to create lots of new business, and represent the company well at exhibitions whilst the display is safely and securely stored in a high-value, low-cost self storage unit in between events.

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