Cognizant about your work and want the best inbound company in Toronto? Then, Edkent Media is the right choice. In the highly competitive digital marketing industry, we attract attention to our exceptional work. We offer a partnership program to individuals and organizations for assistance in digital marketing. We play our role in your sales process too.

What Services Do We Provide?

Search Engine Optimization:

No matter how informative and well designed your website is. If you are not getting traffic on it, then all your hard work is worthless.

1. Organic Search:

Organic search is unpaid search results. These results are based on the user’s search, links, domain authority, and some other factors that are also associated with organic ranking.

2. Link Building:

It increases visibility and you can get a link to your website through other websites.

3. On-Page SEO:

It is practiced for higher ranking and traffic in search engines. On page SEO techniques include page titles, meta descriptions, meta tags, URL structures, Internal linking, image SEO, Body tags, (H1, H2, H3, etc.), and keyword density.

Website Design and Development:

1. CMS Integration:

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is a software application that allows you to handle the content within your website.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization:

It increases the percentage of visitors and converts them into customers. Split testing is very important in this regard where changes are monitored for better conversion.

3. Implementation of Search Engines:

Before the launching of the website, it is taken into consideration that it is ready to generate revenues. For this purpose, search engine optimization the best source.

4. End Result Is a Beautiful Web Design:

After implementing all useful strategies, you come up with web design to make business.

Pay-Per-Click Management:

It increases traffic to your website and is considered appropriate for split testing. We allow you to boost your business through Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn. In pay-per-click, the advertisers pay each time their ad is clicked. Another important part of PPC is landing page optimization as every advertisement requires a well-designed landing page through the b2b marketplace india.

Content Marketing:

It is the form of marketing that involves writing, publishing, and distributing content while targeting the right audience online. It attracts visitors and improves sales. Blog content plays a vital role in digital marketing. It has the power to convert a regular visitor into a potential client.

Social Media Marketing:

It is a way of attracting the audience through social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram are tremendous social media platforms to boost sales. We make an audit to your current social media profiles and make a report based on competitors and audience insight and opportunity areas. Then, marketing strategies are applied to accommodate audience by keeping in view their interests.

Email Marketing:

We can promote your company’s email campaign. We can help you in making better existing customer communication and approach to recently acknowledged demographics. You can acquire all of this through automated email marketing.


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