8 Best Chinese Cartoons for Children Living in China and Abroad

Cartoons for children are a great way to enhance their speaking and listening skills at a very tender age. The stories that are a part of different kid’s cartoons are a source of excellent language teaching and knowledge. A simple, yet entertaining cartoon story contains a variety of expressions, repeated words and phrases, and an incredible storyline. Moreover, if the cartoon is based on superheroes, there’s also an element of bravery and difference between right and wrong that your kids can learn. By means of cartoons for children, you can deliver an important lesson for a lifetime and enforce the Chinese language learning. In this article, we’ll talk about the 8 best Chinese cartoons for children living in Chine and abroad. Keep reading to know more.

8 top-rated Chinese cartoons for children

Our top pick – Happy Friends

Here’s a list of the 10 best-rated Chinese cartoons for children. You can make the most of these Chinese cartoons to enhance your kids’ Chinese-speaking skills, improve their attention span, and provide them with an insight into the Chinese cultural elements.

Happy Friends – Our top pick

Also known as “Happy Heroes,” Happy Friends is a Chinese cartoon for children created by HappyToon. The main characters in the cartoon are 5 cute little superheroes who bravely fight against a bunch of aliens to save their planet – Xing. The protagonists are Smart Superman, Happy Superman, Cool Superman, Sweet Superman, and Careless Superman.

Big Ear TuTu

The Big Ear TuTu series has been created for preschool kids. The main character of the cartoon is TuTu, an active and cute little young boy with a fantastic imagination. He is curious round the clock and simply loves to throw questions at people. His parents are a great support and provide him with interesting opportunities to feed his anxiousness.

Pororo, the Little Penguin

This cartoon features the quests of Pororo and his friends. Throughout this Korean cartoon (dubbed in Mandarin Chinese), your kids will learn how to tackle difficult situations and challenges using their practical knowledge and skills.

Peppa Pig

This one’s a popular British animation cartoon series for preschool kids. The cartoon has gained popularity in Taiwan, China, and other Chinese-speaking communities, and is dubbed in Mandarin Chinese. The main characters of the cartoon are Peppa Pig and her family. Each episode tells a different story and is based on a simple theme related to daily lives. You’ll be surprised to know that the length of each episode is just five minutes.

This one’s also a British cartoon series dubbed in Mandarin Chinese. Kids simply love the four multicolored Teletubbies who are always jumping around their spaceship-shaped house and garden.

Bob the Builder

Also dubbed in Mandarin Chinese, Bob the Builder is a British cartoon series that is driving the Chinese kids crazy. Bob and his expert construction team are always on the look-out for new construction-based projects. The build and repair stuff. The hands-on approaches showcased in the cartoon can provide young Chinese kids with great learning experiences.

Super Wings

Super Wings is a cartoon-based animation series co-produced by China, South Korea, and the USA. Chinese children are going crazy about the new Mandarin Chinese version. This cartoon can prove extremely beneficial for growing kids. The main character of the cartoon – Jett, goes around the world delivering gifts and packages to children. The animation series has been produced to take your tiny-tots around the world. The cartoon is best for preschool children and above.

Big Head Son and Small Head Dad

This is one of the best Chinese cartoons for children and Chinese animation series. The main physical character of the show is the Big Head Son. Well, his head is actually “big,” and so is his “brain.” Your kids would definitely relate to this smart and bright little boy.

So, who’s the winner here?

Even though all the Chinese cartoons mentioned here are equally entertaining and great sources of learning for your kids, there’s one Chinese cartoon on the list that’s winning little hearts in China and abroad. Can you guess the name? Well, we’re talking about “Happy Friends.” The cartoon has been produced by HappyToon, and is the first superhero cartoon ever produced in China. The main producer of the cartoon series, Weiming Huang, has also created other top-rated shows such as Big Big Wolf, and the Pleasant Goat. The cartoon series currently spans 808 episodes and 10 incredible seasons. Two interesting movies have also been produced from the same superhero cartoon show. Happy Friends is indeed one of the most-viewed Chinese cartoons abroad. The younger audiences now have not just one, but five superheroes to look up to and they are enjoying every bit of the experience.

So, in case you are living abroad and had no idea about this interesting Chinese cartoon until now, tune in to their official YouTube channel right away and stream the uploaded episodes for your kids. Whether it is the ever-joyful Happy Superman, the gorgeous Sweet Superwomen, the perseverant Smart Superman, the cold Cool Superman, or the thoughtless Careless Superman; we bet they’ll be super-happy to see their superheroes. If you have any more questions about our top pick, you can write to us. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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