Worried about your payment issues and looking for a reliable source to solve them appropriately?  You just need to contact our customer support team to get started. You have the option to apply online too. Once you have pleaded the case with the application, you need its approval. After the approval, you will get the right to use the payment portal with API information.  We can provide you with High-Risk Merchant Accounts. If you don’t have enough time and you want high risk merchant account instant approval, then you have reached the right High Risk Payment Gateway. We are the High Risk Merchant Account Provider. Not only high risk but the low-risk business can approach us too. We set the prices according to the type of your business.

What Do We Aim At?

We aim at providing trustworthy services to our respectable clients. We have a dedicated and experienced team. We can facilitate our customers at those points what other normal banks refuse to grant. We make sure the availability of both high and low risk merchant accounts. We believe in transparency in dealing with the customer around the globe.

What Different Services Do We Offer?

Pharmacy Merchant Account:

Online pharmacy websites and online supplement websites dealing in bodybuilding, dietary, herbal etc. can deal through high risk pharmacy merchant account. This is the best-suited account that meets the criteria of dealing in pharmacy. The application process is long here. Standard accounts can get instant approval but for the high risk account, you will have to wait for 48 hours. iPaytotal provides tools for secure transactions between your site and master and visa card. To get started you need to have a registered pharmacist and obligatory government and business licenses. Other than these you need to have KYC documents, vendor and supplier agreement, a copy of national identity card, a copy of utility bills of the directors, cancel check, user id and password of the website which should be non-expiring.

High Risk Gaming Merchant Account:

Online gaming is a risky area because of legal issues. We are providing gaming accounts too. All states look at these websites differently. Some do not allow this while some others have legalized it. You face friendly frauds here. So, in some states, it is restricted. We understand the challenges that these industries face. That’s why we provide high risk processing expertise.

Travel Merchant Account:

We provide affordable merchant accounts for travelling purpose. In the travelling sector, the transaction of payment takes a long time after the delivery is made. Many airlines do not charge travel and hotel expenses directly. They take these through airline companies. That’s why people are reluctant to approach them. We try to come up with the proposal that is beneficial for you. You will get reliable processing unit for your traveling account.

Other than these we have CBD Merchant Account, Replica Merchant, Bitcoin Merchant Account, and Low Risk Merchant account. You can have access to the one that is suited to your requirements.

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