Winter clothing for different body shapes

Winter sweaters for women have evolved over time. They are stylish, fashionable and make for warm clothing that can turn heads your way. The designs of winter clothing, in general, are a lot more current today. Winter jackets for women online are available in diverse varieties in color schemes that are fit for a ramp. However not all winter clothing will suit women of all body shapes. In this post, we attempt to bring together the guidelines to making winter clothing part of your wardrobe to suit your body type needs. Choose your body type sweater for a sultry wintry look.

Off shoulder sweaters

Off shoulder sweaters are a very stylish of the regular sweaters. Most off shoulder sweaters come with a cowl neck that will serve the purpose of a collar around the neck. It can also be used to slip the sweater off the shoulder to create a fun look. A little bit of exposed skin makes this sweater look trendy and sexy at the same time. This kind of style suits the straight body typed women the most.

V-neck sweater

V-neck sweaters are the most common winter sweaters for women. They are great for office wear too during winters. Paired with the right kind of camisole, the risk of the v-neck sweaters showing off cleavage is minimal. V-neck sweater with a woolen stole is a common office staple. The V-neck sweaters are great for casual outings too. They suit hourglass shaped figures the best. However, because of their versatility in use, they are commonly found with a lot of women.

Poncho sweaters

Poncho sweaters are yet another fashionable choice in winter clothing. With their loose fit, uneven hemlines and roomy feel, they lend a certain charm to winter wear. They can be paired up with tops and tees, jeans and jeggings. They are great for evening parties and can be worn by slim and slender women as well as women who fall under the plus category. Poncho sweaters go well with straight body type as well as pear, oval and spoon-shaped women.

Turtle neck sweaters

A classic spin off of regular sweaters, the turtleneck sweater is chic winter fashion clothing. It looks great for all kinds of events and occasions. It can be paired up with pants, skirts, and dresses to create a unique look every time you wear it.   sweaters are great for women who are tall with an hourglass or a straight body type.

Wrap around sweaters

Wrap around sweaters come in two formats – open loose ended and the body fit type. The open loose ended wrap around sweaters look good on women with an inverted triangle body shape. They perfectly accentuate the necessary curves while covering up the wider base. The fitted wrap around sweater is good for a women who has a straight body, oval or a hour glass shape. Both the style of sweaters can be worn with thin or wide belts with chunky metal clasps.

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