Why Your Business Needs to Have Office Parties & How to Organize Them

Team building activities boost overall team effectiveness. It’s a fact proven by research and the Forbes goes as far as to call team building the most important investment for a business. In the insanely competitive city of New York, that edge which comes from having a better and more productive team can make a difference between failure and success. And regular office parties will also prevent your team from getting too stressed, which will boost their productivity further.

Top 5 Ways How an Office Party Can Boost Your Business

  1. You can enhance the loyalty of your employees by holding a ‘thank you’ party during which you let your team know how important they are.
  2. A party is a great opportunity to ‘break the ice’ and integrate newer members into the team.
  3. Celebrating accomplishments together can help you reinforce the company culture and message.
  4. By hosting a party in the office you get to cut costs, which means bigger bonuses for your employees.
  5. A celebration provides your employees with a chance to relieve some stress, which is sure to get more intense during the busy holiday season.

How to Throw an Amazing Office Party on a Shoestring Budget

1.      Rent your ‘equipment’

There is no need to rent an expensive venue when you can turn your office into any kind of party wonderland for a fraction of the cost. Today you can find event furniture rental in NYC that will provide all essentials you need to turn office space into a club, restaurant, or any other type of venue your party theme requires. Use the same method to rent any tools you need to boost the festive atmosphere from a karaoke system to gaming consoles.

2.      Organize an office decoration challenge

Get your employees involved into building up the party spirit by having them transform the office with handmade decorations. Be sure to give them enough time and some supplies and turn it into a challenge. That will be a good team building activity on its own, especially for bigger companies with several departments. Encourage friendly competition, which will boost the overall productivity of your employees not only during the decorating but also during working hours.

3.      Party with business partners and split the costs

You can use an office party as not only an opportunity to boost your team bonds but also your other business relationships. If you partner with other small businesses, organize a joint party so you can split the costs. Having your employees mingle will help improve the efficiency of their communications in the future.

4.      Go for nostalgia

Luxury venues, fancy shows, and high-tech party gadgets are all appealing. However, a small startup can leverage the power of nostalgia to make employees happy with far simpler entertainment. Launch a survey to learn what the favorite childhood games of your employees are. And then organize a party that will include all of them. You can also offer your employees to contribute. For example, have each of them prepare a game or an activity and share a story of why they love it. This approach is great for bonding and would require little to no money.

5.      Have an office cook-off

Cut the costs of catering by giving your employees a free afternoon and supplying them with produce to make their favorite dishes to bring to your party. Again, you can make things more fun by adding some competitive elements. If possible, set up your office in a way that will allow cooking at least some of the foods right there so the entire team can have fun and swap personal cooking tips.

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