Choosing the Best Security Camera – An Ultimate Guide

Security is a concern for many and we all want protection of our home or office. Before buying a security camera you need to look for settings, security camera installation and purpose before you buy them. Therefore, here is a guide to buy the ultimate and best security camera system for your needs.

  1. One or more than one camera– Whether you need a single or multiple camera solely depends upon your purpose along with size and design of property where you want to install. If much larger space is to be covered than multiple cameras will be needed. While for indoors or small business room one camera is sufficient.
  2. Indoors or Outdoors– You must look for whether you need cameras for indoors or outdoors as both come with different designing. Indoor cameras are small and lighter in size while outdoor cameras are stiff and sturdy to resist all weather conditions. Outdoor cameras are more expensive than indoors as they have to cover large area with high quality. Also you can go for hidden security camera system for hidden protection.
  3. Light Conditions– Infrared cameras will do the best purpose in areas of dim light. For areas where protection is needed in night and has low light, go for IR cameras as they can record motion even in poor light.
  4. Wide Angles of camera– Choose appropriate size of lens of camera before buying. To get a better recording of all the surroundings go for camera lens that have wide angles. Cameras with large image sensors will give you vivid images of wide angles
  5. Resolution of camera– This is important to keep in mind before buying the camera. It is estimated that 550 lines will do best for indoor systems to monitor limited areas. But the resolution of 700 lines is recommended for better image quality for large distance.
  6. Waterproof cameras– If you have to install outdoor camera then it is advised to go for camera that is waterproof. Such cameras can withstand rain, or nay extreme weather condition.
  7. Gofor latest technology– Lastly, if you want to buy best security camera then choose for latest technology. Look for security camera that senses motion detection, has DVR recording system, settings for sensitivity etc. You should also choose such camera that has can be connected to your PC and Android phones so that you can watch live stream of all the happenings outdoors and indoors.

For those looking for latest models, we have listed important features that your wifi security camera should have:

  • HD Analog Technology– A good security camera is one that captures all minute details and comes with HD resolution and higher pixel. This HD technology will let you capture both horizontal and vertical view that includes license plate number and much more as compared to normal cameras.
  • Recording Device– best home security camera is the one that allows you to capture 24 hours detailed activities that is only possible through digital video recording system. With latest DVR technology you can exactly point out the location or person with its easy search option. DVR hard drive hence is must with security camera system.
  • PTZ technology– With this advanced technology you can tilt, pan or zoom any recording. This gives your camera more flexibility so that you can capture any suspicious activity.
  • Tamper Detection– Use this detection setting of your security camera so that you can receive email or SMS alert when someone will try to vandalize your CCTV.
  • Remote Viewing– The new security cameras work differently than classical CCTV as they now allow you to view the recorded images and video on your personal system or mobile phones.
  • Image sensors and camera Iris– Look for the security cameras that have the feature that will capture the happenings in dark as well. Therefore, look for infra-red vision that provides you with good quality images in dark.
  • Motion Detection– This one is another high-tech technology that will let you record only when some motion is happening around your surroundings. This will save your recording space.


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