Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced

No one wants to spend money replacing their roof. However, a roof repairs Sydney expert reports that if you wait until it’s bald and leaking it can produce a whole host of damage that will hit you right in the wallet. If you live in an older home extra vigilance is particularly necessary.

Traditional roofs made of asphalt shingles will need to be replaced every fifteen to thirty years. Severe weather and extreme temperatures can cause the acceleration of wear and tear. Here are a few signs that your roof may need to be replaced.

  1. Your roof looks worn and old. – When your roof looks visibly worn from the road it’s never a good sign. Check your roof for cracked, or buckling shingles and bald spots. If your roof is looking shabby it may be a good idea to get a professional out to inspect and assess its condition.

  1. There’s moss growing on your roof– Moss can be a sign of trapped moisture that can damage both your roof and the structures beneath it. There are many cleaning products that can help remove the moss but it’s important to check the shingles and structures underneath for damage. Moss grows best in moist shady places so if it’s possible to remove any trees that block the sunlight from hitting your roof. That’s the most permanent solution for a moss problem.

  1. Your flashing is cracked– Flashing is the thin metal strips that connect the roof to any structures that have been added to it like a chimney, or a skylight. The flashing is added to keep these junctures waterproof. Get up on the roof and check the flashing, any cracks that are present can invite water into your home. If cracked flashing is your only roof issue you may be able to get away with a patch instead of having to replace the whole roof.

  1. Water damage in your attic– Before you climb on top of your roof pay a visit to your attic. Inspecting your attic can be just as informative as inspecting your roof. Start with a dark attic and look for places where light is shining through. You should also look for moisture, mold, and signs of cracking.

  1. Your neighbors are replacing their roofs – In neighborhoods and subdivisions where homes were built around the same time the roofs in the community often need to be replaced around the same time. If your roof is less than fifteen or twenty years old it may be experiencing unique issues caused by its installation or in climate weather conditions.

If you do find any of the problems above don’t hesitate to call in an inspector or roofer who can tell you what needs to be repaired and how long repairs should last. Visit our friends at GetAssist to find a qualified local roofer who can complete your project.

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