What To Consider When Hiring Security Guards

So you’ve taken the first step: you’ve realized it’s time to get serious about hiring professional security guards to protect your business assets, your employees and your guests. There’s just one problem – you have no idea where to begin.

Can you trust the safety of your company to an independent freelancer or should you contract an independent security team? What certifications should they hold? How many guards are appropriate for the size of the building? Should you invest in further infrastructure, such as surveillance equipment or laminated ID name tags? Here’s a complete primer on what to ask when hiring office security.

Office Security Products

Before you even consider security personnel, you should take some time to learn about office security products that will act as a first line of defense. The three most important products to consider in small office security are 1) surveillance systems, 2) digital ID name tags, and 3) fencing and security locks.

Independent Security

A small office embarking on its first experience with professional security might opt to go the affordable route by hiring an independent freelance security guard. If you’re considering this option, be sure to keep potential risks in mind and remember: this is not an experiment. While your bodybuilding cousin Duane may seem like a convincing tough guy in person, you need to hire someone with training and certification in order to keep employees safe and avoid law suits.

Despite the promise of an economic advantage, if things go wrong regarding the safety of your business it can mean an even greater economic loss down the road or, even worse, actual injuries. If you do opt for one or more freelance agents, be sure to guarantee that they carry insurance for worst case scenarios.

Consider your reasons for desiring increased protection. Are you hiring security because of a prior incident? Are you keeping expensive valuables or large amounts of currency at your location of business? Perhaps the size of the risk factor, and your lack of expertise, are enough justification alone to invest in a professional agency.

Security Agencies

If you decide to go with the more expensive option, not only will you leave the issue of hiring individual guards to the experts, you’ll get licenced professionals that can offer a wide range of services including EMS training, event planning and logistics, suit and tie services, and custom security packages. The expense may increase, but you won’t have to worry about researching every detail about property and business security. You’ll get personalized input at every step of the way regarding exactly what you require in security for the size of your building, assets and personnel.

One further benefit about hiring a security agency rather than freelance guards brings us back to the issue of security products, which is that a professional agency will give you a consultation on these backup systems. This is because they’ll likely be the ones in charge of employing them.

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