10 reasons why people love Ukulele


Ukulele, the word signifies “A gift that came here”, is resembled by the Uku (Gift) and Lele (gift) which is a Hawaiian adaptation of a Guitar and is comprised by the four strings. The musical instrument was invented by Manuel Nunez, a Portuguese man, in the year 1880 by blending the elements of Braguinha and Cavaquinho.

Invented from a tiny archipelago, Ukulele has now grabbed popularity around all over the planet in just a few decades and has become one of the favourite musical instruments of the people.

Below are the ten reasons describing why people love Ukulele which you shouldn’t miss

  1. Portability

Ukulele plays a role of your travel companion due to its miniature size and weight. It fits into your travel suitcase easily and you can go along with it anywhere without worrying about the heavy baggage.

  1. Affordable

Ukulele can be bought for as low as $100, unlike other musical instruments. An average Ukulele costs only one-eighth of the cost of Guitar which is also a stringed instrument. Therefore, one doesn’t need to get paranoid even if Ukulele gets damaged.

  1. User-Friendly

Ukulele is a user-friendly musical instrument due to its soft nylon strings which are very easy to hold and are very smooth on your fingertips. Many students learn to play chords on Ukulele in just 30-minutes of music lesson.

  1. Wholly-Functional

Ukulele easily adapts to any popular song with its simple construction. Even songs which are having the complicated chords can be played with utmost simplicity on the Ukulele. The small size of Ukulele reduces wrist tension and makes notes reachable without the need of stretching.

  1. Primer for Stringed instruments

To start with learning complicated chords on Guitar, Bass or Violin, one can first learn it on Ukulele for beginners, which also shapes your mind and gives you the confidence to play on versatile instruments.

  1. Develops personality

Ukulele trains your mind and grooms your personality. One adapts in the environment and learns to visualize things accordingly. Such things happen subconsciously in your mind whose benefits are seen only after a few days.

  1. Improves concentration

While playing the Ukulele, One learns to memorize chords, how to synchronize voice with the music and other ancillary services. This builds up and enhances the concentration level among the people.


  1. Stress-Buster

Music is one of the essential techniques to remove stress. It is scientifically proved that when one sings any song or plays any musical instrument, the mind gets great relief from the stress.

  1. Increases Music Vocabulary

Ukulele is the first step towards the music and plays a significant role in increasing the musical vocabulary of the musician. The intricacies of the music can be well known by playing the Ukulele.

  1. Unpretentious

Ukuleles are so accessible to use that one can’t find any people being pretentious about playing Ukes. This is an only instrument which is meant to all and can be played by anyone from children to old aged.

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