Top 10 Investments for Wedding Success


Everyone wants to have the best wedding they could imagine. This will look different based on individual preferences and overall budget. The following 10 tips are the most important to consider to ensure that your wedding is a huge success for you, your wedding party, and all of the guests.

  1. Determining Your Budget. Everything that comes with a wedding has a cost. This cost could be as high or low as you need it to be. However, not having a budget is a surefire way to spend more than you were intending. Consider allocating various amounts to the parts of the wedding that are really important to you. If you are looking for wedding gifts, you can check them out at
  2. Decide on Wedding Size. Do you want a large wedding or only a small intimate gathering? Your budget will play a role in determining how large your wedding is. However, there are decisions that can be made so that more guests are still affordable.
  3. Decide on Wedding Insurance. Wedding insurance is a real thing! It can prevent large losses due to cancelled weddings, injured guests, property damage, or stolen gifts.
  4. Choose the Location. Very popular wedding venues can fill up months or years in advance. This is especially true at peak wedding times. Making sure the location fits with your preferences.
  5. Researching Vendors. Even with a wedding planner, make sure to heavily research the vendors and make sure that you can get along with them. Nothing can be made too clear or communicated too much with the vendor. Review contracts carefully before you sign them and make sure the vendor can meet your needs.
  6. Staying Healthy. Planning a wedding often comes on top of all of our other daily responsibilities. This can add unnecessary stress to our day. It is important during the entire engagement and especially in the few months before the wedding to eat right, get enough exercise, and focus on your mental health. With a healthy diet, your skin should shine.
  7. Hiring a Wedding Planner. There are a lot of moving parts in a wedding. Whether you think you will only need someone for the day or want someone there from start to finish, the wedding planner can remove some of your stress and use their professional experience to work with vendors, secure locations, and just make the day a really smooth experience for the couple as well as their guests.
  8. Take Care of Physical Details. We all have parts of our body that we want to fix or improve before the wedding. One of the most important for the wedding is our mouth. In theory, we should be smiling all day and taking lots of pictures! Choosing a whitening treatment can really make your smile pop throughout the day.
  9. Minor Design Details. Whether you have a theme or just want to make sure that all of the experiences associated with your wedding are memorable, taking care of those minor designs can make a huge difference. This could be as simple as connecting the wedding invitations to the table cards or picking a centerpiece design that looks amazing with the bridesmaid dresses.
  10. Ensuring Adequate Fitting. Whether it is the tuxedo or the dress, very few people will find a sample that needs no alterations. Making sure to get the attired in enough time to go through a few fittings is a really important step to feeling beautiful. Some shops will say that you can pick up your clothes right before the wedding, but try to get them at least a week in advance in case you need any final alterations.

In Conclusion

If you follow all of steps above, you will be sure to have a great wedding. There are several decisions that need to be made from the time you get engaged to the time you tie the knot and sail off into the sunset! Whether it is your personal health or the overall experience, prioritize it in the months leading up to the wedding.

Author’s Bio:

Jay Della Valle is Owner and Entertainer (MC, DJ, Guitarist, Vocalist) at Spinners Entertainment, a a top rated DJ/Live Band Entertainment and Events company based in Northern New Jersey.  He also plays guitar and sings in a popular Indie Folk Trio called Owls & Lions. His Marty McFly impersonation is “spot on” and worthy of amazement. He doesn’t have much free time, but when he does- he likes to whistle vintage TV theme songs, watch 80’s movies, and play hooky with his children.

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