Team Building: 4 ideas on how to build a harmonious team


Do you work in HR and your company is growing fast? Are you a project leader who has to combine two teams into one new team? Or maybe on the contrary – as a small business owner you want to cope with the tense atmosphere through which several people have already left work? Here are some interesting ideas on how to get team together.


Workshops are developing so-called soft skills – communication, time management, empathy, etc. – Such training will help not only to improve relations with customers, but first of all the relationships among co-workers.

Specialist training on any subject can be complemented by integrating elements. Icebreaker exercises – breaking the distance, energizer – raising the level of energy in a group, or other teambuilding activities, similar to those known from scouting or youth exchanges.

Live cooking

A feast combined with culinary workshops. Before meals are served, they have to be prepared by the team, under the supervision of experienced chefs and moderators.

Employees have at their disposal semi-finished products, kitchen tools and interesting recipes. The evening takes place according to the scenario and menu agreed with the company (starters, main courses, desserts).

The team has a common goal – good fun and a tasty meal. By the way, employees train skills under the supervision of professionals (ideas for combining flavours, ways of cutting fruit and vegetables, decorating dishes).

The Mission

It is an extraordinary combination: mobile escape game, storytelling, business game elements and team event.

It starts with receiving a video-message with short briefing and further instructions. Then you have to work out different riddles to get to the “secret facility“. At the end, there is an exciting final and lots of fun. Such event are not only a great entertainment, but also allows the co-workers to learn how to work with each other’s, to find best way to communicate and solve problems without conflicts. If you would like to get to know more about the Mission and other teambuilding ideas, you can check it at

Employee volunteering

That is, joint action for the people in need. It allows us to give a deeper sense of common commitment, see each other in new roles, feel pride in each other and the company. Volunteering gives satisfaction and sense of meaning.

Examples of forms of employee volunteering:

Participation of the team in a one-time event for a selected institution or NGO. This could be painting and decorating the walls of a local hospital or sorting the products collected by Food Banks during the pre-Christmas period.






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