How are fleas attracted and how to get rid of them?


What are fleas?

Fleas are tiny insects that feed on the digested blood of the mammals. Animals and humans, both are not safe from the attacks of fleas. The issue with fleas is that they are tough to detect. You won’t be able to point them out until they have spread through your home or reside on your pets.

Insect pests have been a problem that has existed for centuries not. Even though these tiny insects do not have wings, but still they can jump much higher than any other insects. An average flea can leap almost 8-inches and remember that it is only average. It almost looks like they are flying to it is very hard to recognize them while they are jumping in the air here and there.

There are over 2500 species of fleas that we have found around the globe. You can’t take precautions against all of them, but certain tricks would help you keep most of them away from your home and pets. Like other blood-feeding insecticides, fleas are also capable of spreading various diseases. They act as carriers and jump from one host to the other to spread the disease much faster.

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How are fleas attracted?

Like all the other insects, fleas are also attracted to certain stimuli. It is impossible to individually detect the stimulus that attracts 2500 species of fleas so let us look at some of the major incentives that attract insects towards. Some of those stimuli are;

  • Light

93% of the total species of insects are attracted to light. When fleas are left in the dark, they will find a way to move to the lightened area. Such as mosquitoes and cockroaches are also insects that are attracted to light.

  • Color of light

Research has shown that fleas can detect the source of light having wavelengths between 300 and 600 nanometers (nm). As the wavelength increases from 300 and gradually moves to 500, you can notice a significant difference in their performance.

  • Temperature

You won’t find fleas in the winter season. The reason behind that is that insects are attracted to a much warmer region. They reside on the host to look for warmth. The warmer the host, the better it is for the fleas.

How to get rid of fleas?

The main thing about fleas is that they don’t leave the host until the host is dying. That is when they jump to the other host to suck their blood. The population of the fleas grows quite fast which is why you need to take control over them the moment you find out that your home or pets are infected with fleas. Some of the ways to get rid of fleas are;

  •  Keep preventative medication at home
  •  Spray your home with Advion Cockroach Gel Bait Insecticide, this gel bait is highly recommended
  •  In case of your pets, could you give them a bath and a haircut?
  •  Vacuum your carpets and furniture.

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