4 Great Careers For Strong Minded People

If you’re someone who has a strong-minded personality and loves to lead the show, then chances are you probably want to look for a career which helps you use your character to your best advantage.

In order to enjoy your job that you go to every day during the week, it’s vital that it reflects who you are as a person.  Wasting your natural born talents would be a shame, so why not choose a career which is best suited for who you really are?

For those people who have a natural born power of persuasion and confidence, here are some of the best careers out there for you to consider.


Pursuing a career in law is a very ambitious and potentially very fulfilling choice.  You can from choose all sorts of niches from defending criminal cases to working in family law.  It’s all about what kind of cases appeal to you.

You’ll need to have a convincing case behind you, which probably comes naturally to you if you’re an outspoken person by nature.  Salaries range in the six-figure category, so you may be interested to know that lawyers are known for often having lavish lifestyles.


Never underestimate the power of marketing.  People who are good at convincing someone to buy something through the power of visuals, catchy phrases, and even celebrity endorsements are masters of marketing techniques.  A good marketing director can persuade a customer to buy their inferior product over a superior one by knowing the right angles to play.

Marketing is the art of being convincing and persuasive as an art form, so if these are two adjectives which fit your personality, you may just have found your dream job.


Although politicians often get a bad reputation, there are plenty of good politicians out there making a difference for good causes.  If you’re someone who believes in a cause and fighting for what you believe is right and just, then a future in politics may be in your future.

A career in politics can often lead to heated debates and character smearing, so just make sure you’re prepared for all that the job title comes with.  It will require laser focus and incredibly thick skin through challenging times.


Managers are there to ensure that the operation goes smoothly.  When issues arise, it’s the manager’s job to lead their team to a successful execution of what needs to get done.

As a manager, your job is to remain calm and focused when everyone else seems to be panicking, so if you’re someone who stays cool under pressure while being a natural born leader, you may make a fantastic manager.

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