7 Viral Trends to Lift Up Your Style Quotient

Having a sense of fashion is a necessity in today’s world, and without it you are incomplete. With fashion and a sense of style, you can have a charismatic personality. Being confident and smart is very important today. There are many ways to heighten your style statement and get noticed out there in the world. Staying updated with the recent trends in fashion is a necessary factor to lift your style quotient up. Staying confident in what you wear is also important. So get to know the trends that can lift your style statement more than a notch.

The viral trends in fashion to lift your style statement

Every year comes up with the new trends set by the millennial. They are considered as the trendsetters of the present society. However, certain trends are more like classics and last longer. Following such trends is smart as you will be apart from what the usual crowd wears. Keeping the style quotient high has its various advantages. It will draw more people to you, bring attention to you, you will radiate confidence and many more benefits.

Here are some of the various viral trends that are currently taking up the realm of fashion. There are others, however, but they may not be as viral and prevalent like the seven below:

1. Lace-up Espadrilles – These are women’s footwear and have come up drastically in the market in the recent times. The espadrilles are shoes similar to women sandals; however, the upper material is predominantly made of laces. It’s usually high ankle and very versatile of a footwear. It can be worn with any dresses. Girls can also put these on with their skinny jeans or any casual wear. These are pretty viral and especially among the younger generations. Black and tan brown are the most common colors of these shoes and are pretty impressive when worn with rompers for women.

2. Bold Colors – Like always the classics are on the market, but there has been a radical up-rise of bold colored clothes for both men and women in the market today. Colors like orange, bright green, royal blue, purple and magenta are few of the many colors that are experimented with today. And it does look really good when the combination clicks right. Bold colors portray a happy and positive mood as well as radiate confidence in the person. Classical jeans with bold multicolored tops look good on the younger generations.

3. Distressed Denim – Distressed denim is a hot highlight that has gone viral a few years back and is still a trend for most of the people around the world. Distressed jeans are the most common of them all. Some are slightly distressed while some are a bit too extreme. It all defines the person, and you can look fashionable with them. It comes from the old school rock and metal cultures of music. These are also modified into other forms like distressed shorts for both men and women. Even denim jackets can be seen with a distressed texture lately.

4. See Through tops – This is quite a hype in the fashion demesne and have had positive feedback. These are tops which are usually partly translucent. The material is generally synthetic, and it is in the form of a net or see-through fabric. The sleeves of the tops are the part that is usually see through. These tops are generally for girls and look pretty lit along with casual jeans or a skinny pant. There are some of these tops that are entirely made of the netted material and are a bit more exposing. However, it looks pretty sweet. In the end, it depends on how the clothes you wear are carried by you that defines you, not the clothes what you wear. Transparency is a big trend in the fashion realm itself like the transparent boots and side bags. These tops add to the collection.

5. Bomber Jackets – These jackets were usually jackets made for the armies, especially the air-force from where it got its name. It gradually slipped into sub-cultures like punk and rock n roll, now it has leaped up to the high trendy fashion world. These are pretty cool collar-less jackets. They are pretty heavy built and go with a number of clothing types both for men and women. These jackets can be worn with formal attire as well as with distressed jeans by men. For women, they can wear it with skinny jeans, a dress or even a skirt.

6. Slip-on – This is a major classic that has never gone out of fashion. Slip-on are the go-to shoes for your summer attire. They have no laces and can go with any dress, from formal, ethnic to shorts and a t-shirt. Slips are pretty famous from the skateboarding culture and have slipped its way into the fashion realm. The colors black, grey and white are the common colors for slip-on; however, the bold colors are also prevalent these days. They can be of a varied pattern as well. Different brands bring them out into the market with a signature look. Some brands even produce graphics printed slip-on, these are the crazy love of the general teenager.

7. Watches and Wristbands – Watches are one of the most common fashion accessories that stay in the trend with a different fashion statement from time to time. For the men sports, watch and smartwatches are the viral trend. The fashion of wearing a sports watch with formal attire is on another level, and it looks pretty amazing. For women, there is a new trend that has gone viral. They wear a watch along with a few bracelets matching the watch on the same wrist. This is like wearing a bunch of wristbands among which one is a watch. These are the viral fashion relative to watches today.

These fashion trends will elevate your style quotient by a considerable amount. Follow the trend and create your sense of confidence. With your clothes comes the attention and with the attention comes the benefits. Let the world admire you.

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