Talkspace: Innovative Therapy for a Busy World

The world is becoming increasingly mobile, digital and non-face to face contact oriented. Add to this the demand for increased output at a faster than ever pace, the need for compassionate mental health therapy that fits within the confine of an ever-changing world is necessary. Based in New York City, Talkspace in a company that does just that by providing mobile therapy to those on the go. Gone are the days in which an individual had to find time within their busy schedule to commute to a face to face appointment with a therapist. Instead, Talkspace offers users the ability to connect with one of over 2000 licensed therapists. all of which offer non-judgemental, quality, compassionate care. Therapists offer a variety of different services including treatment for depression, anxiety, and marriage counseling.

Outside of their therapy services, the company offers a blog that assists readers with common issues. One post deals specifically with the onset of the summer blues and is titled: 3 Simple Ways to Bust Out of a Summer “Funk”. The article acknowledges that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is most often attributed to the winter months, but there are some individuals who experience depression during the summer. Summer tends to be the time of vacations, lazy days and free time, this overabundance in non-regulated time can leave some individuals who succeed best when they have an established routine, to feel down and out of sorts. Others may experience increased anxiety behind having to plan summer related activities or due to body image issues regarding the thought of going out in a bathing suit in public. Whatever the cause, summer can be miserable for some individuals.

In order to decrease the summertime blues, individuals are encouraged to reach out to loved ones and not be afraid to share their feelings. Although the summertime blues are not widely talked about, sharing the information with a loved one can help those experiencing seasonal depression to understand that they are not alone, and they may discover that their loved ones have dealt with the same issues. It’s also important to be compassionate with one’s self and attempt to understand their reasons for feeling anxious or depressed are not irrational. Lastly, it is encouraged that those experiencing the summertime blues create a list of goals they would like to accomplish and find ways to motivate themselves to complete the list.

Talkspace reviews have been fairly positive. It is encouraged for all types of individuals, but especially for those who may have issues with face to face contact. Teen Vogue encourages the use of the service for individuals who have been traumatized by acts of sexual assault because it allows for victims to obtain the help they need without having to submit themselves to an environment that is unfamiliar as they express the details of their trauma. Gabby Moss, a Bustle blogger was encouraged by not only the intuitiveness of the counselor she received services from but the ability to chat with the counselor throughout the day on her own terms. These Talkspace reviews imply that the ability to connect with a therapist in a mobile, more efficient way, is highly desirable.

Today’s world is busy. Talkspace seems to understand the need for balance in a hectic, fast-paced, sometimes overachieving world. Giving users the ability to connect with a dedicated therapist on their own terms, allows for a measure of self-care that scheduled visits with a brick and mortar therapist aren’t able to touch upon. As our world continues to transition, the options for therapy must change with it. This company is doing that in a way that is not only efficient but also compassionate as well.

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