Bellhops moving company- leading movers in the city

Bellhops moving company is in the industry since 2011. The company offers moving services to the communities around the city and operates in 20 US markets. The company employs students thus giving an excellent opportunity to make money during their college days. Earlier, it was known as campus bellhops. Bellhops moving company  have the history of years to serve best moving services to the communities.

History of bellhops moving or campus bellhops

The foundation of the company was kept by two persons- Cameroon Doody and Stephen Vlahos. They began the promotion of company in 2011 during summer at auburn university. In an orientation program, they had promoted their moving services. They aimed to schedule around 40moves, but they surpassed their aim and managed to serve 250 customers within three day weekend.

Vlahos started working for the full time on campus bellhops. They hired directors for their campus from eight southeastern conference schools. These directors appointed students to work with them and help in performing moving services. Vlahos then connected with venture capital, lamp post group that was located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since then, bellhops moving have its headquarters in Chattanooga.

In the year 2014, a company got a lift and renamed its brand to bellhops moving from campus bellhops. The business got expanded and began serving to other customers as well beyond college moving services. In 2017, the company got its new CEO, Luke Markin who was a former uber general manager.

Bellhops moving are now expanding more in the city using the combination of technology and talented workforce. Their workforce is talented, friendly and provides professional moving experience. The company has a unique model that ensures efficient moving services.

How does it work?

Bellhops moving communicate with their customers through online means. They can book a move by reserving time with them. They can book any services like labor only assistance, complete moving services, in-home moving services and more. It provides services that include movers, truck, and equipment from source to destination. Customers can also contact them for load or unload vehicles or to rearrange furniture as well.  They are also paired with other jobs as well. These jobs are based on their availability and proximity. A team of movers that goes to the customer’s destination has a leader. The other movers of the team are called as the wingman.

Customers should contact them at least 48 hours before the day of moving. The schedule of a job is flexible and offer services to customers as per their requirement.  It works in the following manner.

  • Contact bellhops from their official website
  • Select a service according to your needs, select the day and time of work
  • Select the number of movers needed, tell them about the amount of time required for loading and unloading the stuff. You can also reschedule it without any charge before the move date.
  • Bellhops within the city will get notifications about the booking through an app and claim for the same.
  • Customer will get an email about the bellhops. The email will contain the photos of the movers
  • At the move date, bellhops will arrive at the location and verify the clock in via an app.
  • They will load the stuff on the truck and reach the destination

During the moving services, customers get a chance to offer the tip and rate the bellhops for their performance. Customers can provide their feedback as well. At the end of the move, they will get a receipt.

Bellhops are fit and friendly, and they are trained to serve the best to their customers. Each customer will get a good experience with them and get the positive attitude. On the other hand, Students have a great chance to work with them and start their career with the professionals.

How to become bellhops?

To become bellhops that will undergo a check that includes physical check and background as well. Every mover in bellhops must register with them and provide the email address. These documents are essential because bellhops employ only students, so they have to give a proof of their college.

What services are bellhops moving offer?

A moving company offers the variety of moving services and bellhops also offer all such services. Bellhops serve flexible facilities to customers thus making moves easier for them. These include:

Local moving, it includes

  • Home moving- contact them when you are shifting to your new house or upgrading it
  • Apartment moving- those who live in the apartment can also contact them while shifting to a new apartment
  • Trucks, driver and hardworking bellhops will assist you with any of the above need

Long distance moving includes-

  • Interstate moving- when making big changes like shifting to a new state, contact bellhops
  • Intrastate moving- it also offers regional moves that are if you are shifting within a city then also you can hire bellhops.

Labor-only moving includes-

Those who have moving truck but need helpers can also contact to bellhops. It will provide movers to load or unload the truck from one location to another. They will also provide lifting services that include furniture rearrangement, patio furniture set-up and more.

Bellhops were moving thus offer flexibility to both movers and customers when they are starting a new life at a new location. Customers can control their every move right from the scheduling of the move date to the reaching of destination.  They can book trucks of different size that will be needed to accommodate their house’s stuff.  They also offer full customer support from their help desk.  Everything that bellhops do is focused and tries to bring the best experience to their customers. Booking a move from bellhops is now a process of minutes as they serve everything online. They have a huge team of movers that are trained and experienced. This is seen through the customer’s satisfaction.

Today, they are the best movers serving in 20+ cities across the nation. With the perfect use of technology, bellhops moving are working hard to gain more trust of the customers by serving best to them.

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