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Escape room is a great live gaming experience. A specialized room full of amazing puzzles, quests, and missions is designed where you spend your 60 minutes trying to escape the room. It stimulates your brain and makes you solve thrilling puzzles in order to get out. Escape the room NYC offers you amazing different themed rooms so you and your teammates can choose the puzzle of your own taste. The game accommodates team members from 2 to 7 member. This is an exceptional and exciting experience playing Escape the room.

The escape room game helps to develop many qualities in you and can be very educational. The benefits it can bring to you are numerous.

  • Improves critical thinking

This live game has series of mind stimulating puzzles and cues that you need to solve to escape the room. It develops your skills of solving a problem and makes you think more deeply and critically. It urges you to use your brain and makes you quick and sharp in developing solutions to the problem. You try to think more logically for the given cues in order to escape the room.

  • Improves social relations

Escape the room is an amazing experience which helps to develop better social relations with your friends and team members. It is a team game where you cannot escape the room without depending on each others strength. With combined efforts of teammates help you to escape the room.

This improves your skill of working in a group. Teaches you to put aside your differences and work with tolerance and patience. Also develops an attitude of appreciating each other’s qualities.

  • Triggers your creative mind

It stimulates your imagination and makes you think in the most creative way so you can solve the cues to get yourself out in 60 minutes. The themes inspire you to get in character and work like a true detective and solve the puzzles in most creative manner.

  • Makes you a Determined person

The time limit makes you focused. You learn how to concentrate and value the time which is running away. You have limited time to escape and you do not want to waste on procrastinating. You become determined to solve the puzzle to free yourself or else you have to repay for another entry. This amazing game experience helps to develop great habits of valuing time.

  • You learn how to set Goals

The escape room is full of small targets that lead to your ultimate goal. On each small goal, you get to celebrate and the final goal gives you the full reward. So, you will be able to set small targets, accomplish them, and once you reach the end point you will know the joy of accomplishing something.

  • Developing motor skills

The development of motor skills is highly essential in the life of an individual. You may see puzzles doing it for most of the people but the escape rooms can give a big boost to it. For instance, you get to improve the hand-eye coordination and you will feel more spatial awareness. We would ultimately become better in doing several things as our precision and judging skills also become better. One can say that an escape room is much like a 3D puzzle. It’s just more interesting and innovative than the traditional puzzles.

  • Better memory

One of the most amazing things these rooms bring to us is the better memory. As you proceed in escape rooms, you will have to remember things and will be required to recall things as you proceed. Therefore, you will work on retention and recall process considering memory and there are points where focus and energy will come into play as well. Altogether, it massively enhances the memory capacity of an individual.

It teaches you that in life you need to develop small goals until you reach the ultimate destination. This makes your life less boring and keeps you motivated till the end. You become more of an ambitious person in life.

Escape the room NYC is a thrilling and an exciting live game experience which develops many beneficial skills in you. It hones your sharpness of thinking and exercises your brain positively. This is a great gaming experience for kids as well as adults.

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