Office Interior Design Tips How to Set Up Your Conference Room

Due to recent technological advancements, office standards have evolved immensely in the past few years. However, a number of aspects of traditional work environment are still relevant, including the conference room.

For huge corporations and small companies alike, this is the central room where some of the most important meetings, presentations and training sessions occur. If you want to have productive meetings, you have to make sure that your conference room is steep flawlessly.

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Nonetheless, here are a few basic tips that will help you get started with setting up a conference room.

Different Styles and Layouts

·         The U-Shape Conference Room

This style is perfect for smaller groups – up to 50 people – who participate presentations, discussions and training sessions and other interactions that position a business lead in the middle of the U. it also works good for focus groups.

·         The Boardroom Style

These rooms include oval or rectangle tables with chairs all around for micro-groups of up to 12 people. In certain cases, larger groups take four tables and form a square or a rectangle to maximize the potential of this style.

·         The Classroom Style

And this style works for both micro-groups – around 10 people – and huge groups – up to 150 people. They are perfect where the leader is expected to do most of the talking, while other workers take notes and ask questions.

Conference Room Design Considerations

·         Don’t go overboard with technology

While gadgets like tablets, projectors and teleconferencing systems have their use in the conference room, you should prevent too much tech from making the design of your room impractical and overcrowded.

·         Keep everything spotless

In order to eliminate as much distractions as possible, you have to make a clutter-free environment. Clutter actually increases stress and anxiety. Therefore, keep your conference room free of clutter and clean as possible, since some people suffer from strong allergies.

·         Try to eliminate distractions

Clutter isn’t the only thing that will distract your workers. Things like florescent lights, noisy vents and wobbly tables will prevent your staff members from concentrating on the meeting and damage the atmosphere in your conference room.

The Bottom Line

A properly designed conference room will enable you to be more productive and creating when working with your employees. If you want to make sure that your conference room is perfect, you need to have ergonomic chairs, proper equipment and most importantly, good design that will enable meaningful collaboration between you and your employees.

With some professional help and a little bit of research, you’ll get familiar with the dos and don’ts of conference room design. And in the end, you’ll be able to maximize the potential of your conference room and ensure every single member of your organization is fully engaged at all times.

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