Why Is Car Insurance Mandatory While You are Buying a Car?

 Buying a car is always a matter of pride. It is obvious that when you own a car, you will travel comfortably and swiftly. On the other hand, owning a car means you have spent huge from your wrest money on it. Your car is not only your pride but your responsibility. It is your duty to protect your car. Not only for this reason, but there are more reasons so that you should ensure you have ended up your relationship with your car with pretty fair car insurance. Let’s have a look upon these.

Car Insurance Decreases Liability

We live in a country where the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance is a compulsory thing to do when you own a car. When you have a car you can cause an accident anytime. You can cause physical injury to any pedestrian, passenger or driver. Some other people’s cars also can be damaged by you. It is the insurance that will save you from compensating all of the harms, made by your accident. The insurance company will pay for you then. They will pay the bill of the hospital and car repairing, done as the result of your accident.

It Helps to Repair Damages

Sometimes accidents and car damages are happened because of some other peoples’ mistakes. It can be an unconscious pedestrian or maybe the roadside child cricketers. They can break your car window with their cricket balls or make some other damage to your car. The driver of another car can also bump into you and create major damage. Making insurance of your car will provide you the compensation according to the injury of your car when your car has got damaged because of other people.

Car Insurance is a Great Help When You Go for Online Purchase

There is an online Car insurance policy that saves your money when you are buying a motor vehicle online. It ensures that the insurer will get a recession in the purchasing amount. That’s how car insurance can get you huge savings in the budget that you have set for your car purchase, the only criteria here is your purchasing will have to be online only,

It Shares the Bill if You Face an Accident while Driving Your Car and Get Hospitalized

An accident is a thing that never waits for your invitation and it doesn’t aware you before appearing to your life. You can’t give the warranty that you will travel in your own car and will return to your home safely all the time. Thus you should never forget doing car insurance. There is no surety that you will never meet a dangerous car accident and will not get admitted to the hospital. Your car insurance will pay the hospital bill for your treatment when you face this kind of misfortune.

Your Family Gets Compensation If You Bump into a Fatal Injury

We do not know what is waiting for us in the future. We do not even know when and how will our death come. Thus we all should do car insurance because it will secure the future of our family even if we die in a fatal car accident. We should do this as we have seen a lot of examples where the main earning member of a family has met a fatal car accident and his family has been destroyed because of this. That is the last thing we want for the people we care a lot. Right? Do you want any more reason for insuring your car?

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