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The availability of educational courses on the internet might cause you to consider: Traditional classroom or Online courses? Tutor-guided teaching or self-paced learning?

As the internet demonstrates ease in communication and efficiency in dispensing information, traditional institutions are getting on board to offer their core courses online. However, these are not limited to these institutions, as experts and professionals in different fields are also creating online, up-to-speed courses, and writing Ph.D thesis that you can use to learn anything you want.

Course curriculums range from technology, humanities, business development, Maths, Science, and even introduction to write my thesis statments.

So if you want to learn a new skill to advance your career, or you’ve just kindled an interest in a certain field, check out these platforms to accelerate your learning process. Also, if employers are looking on how to find someone, among employment candidates; having these certificates, might just indicate you are disciplined enough, to handle projects with supervision.


Home to more than 11 million subscribers worldwide, with an extensive and impressive range of courses in different fields, Alison has been serving the online public since 2007. Though Alison has been around, the number of courses being added daily makes for a fresh start if you want to access additional education. Broken into different categories, courses range from Business Management, to Personal Development, Health, to Information Technology like Diploma in Web design with Web 2.0.

Alison courses are completely free, while certificates and diplomas are available for purchase to signal the successful completion of each course. Though the courses are presently not accredited, primarily to keep the costs down, it is at the discretion of employers to accept your expertise via the Alison certificate.


edX partners with some of the world’s leading higher institutions to offer higher education courses. Some of these schools and partners include the Berkeley University of California, Harvard University, the University of Adelaide, The University of British Columbia, Arizona State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and others. edX’s mission is increasing global access to quality education.

Some courses on offer include Computer science, Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering and International Law.

edX also offers courses that would make you eligible to gain credits toward some courses in these institutions, as well as MicroMaster programs aimed at graduate level students to advance their careers.

WhiteHat Jr prepares kids 6-14 for this new world by offering. Coding classes for kids help them learn fundamentals of coding–logic, structure, sequence and algorithmic thinking–to generate creative outcomes eg animations and apps.

All classes are taught Live 1:1 Online in the comfort of your home by Top 99.9th percentile of certified teachers.


Similar to edX, FutureLearn is an education platform that offers courses from leading universities strewn mostly across the United Kingdom, and other parts for the world. Owned by the Open University, other universities and associated partners include the University of Birmingham, University of Cape Town, Conventry University, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool, University of Manchester, Queensland University of Technology, University of Southampton, University of Reading, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and about 170 others.

Course categories on the FutureLearn platform include Business & Management, Health & Psychology, Tech & Coding and Teaching. In collaboration with these universities, FutureLearn also offers courses aimed at acquiring credits toward degree courses.


Based in the United States, Coursera is another online platform that you could select a variety of courses in different fields. Founded by two Stanford University computer science professors, who wanted to share their courses online, Coursera currently offers more than 2000 courses from different institutions like the University of Michigan, University of California, University of Washington and Northwestern University. Most Coursera courses require fees, and some have been approved for “credit equivalency” by the American Council on Education.

Coursera also offers some fully-accredited Master degree programs, which are completely administered online.

European Multiple MOOC Aggregator (EMMA)

The European Multiple MOOC Aggregator (EMMA) was designed to achieve excellence through the use of innovative teaching methods and learning approaches “through the large-scale piloting of MOOCs on different subjects”.

One of the objectives of EMMA is to provide a platform for European universities that wish to offer their courses in multiple languages. With few partners, but growing, some of EMMA partners include Talinn University, Estonia, CSP – Innovazione nelle ICT S.C.A.R.L, Italy, ATiT, Belgium, ATOS, Spain, and Open Universiteit, Netherlands.


Another online platform to look into, Udacity is a for-profit educational company with a mission to provide affordable higher education courses that are accessible around the world. Originally aimed at providing traditional undergrad and graduate courses, Udacity courses are presently targeted toward industry professionals who are looking to advance in their fields.

If you are interested in innovation and technology, then Udacity courses would appeal to you, as curriculum include courses like Data Science, Mobile App Development, Software Engineering, Self-Driving Car, Web Development and Virtual Reality.


Based in New York, the United States, Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers classes targeted at those who are interested in programming-related courses. Founded in 2011, some courses available include HTML, Python, SQL, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, React.js) and CSS.

Aimed at providing the fundamentals of coding, Codeacademy offers you the basic knowledge and tools to venture into advanced coding courses.

Made with Code

Made with Code is an education program launched by Google to generate interest in Computer Science and programming skills among members of the female gender. Founded by Google in 2014, Made in Code is targeted at young girls and women in the middle and high schools.

The format used by the online learning platform is to provide females with activities that would enable them get acquainted with programming skills via its website. Made with Code courses, referred to as projects, include the Dance Visualiser, Beats, Avatar, Music Mixer, Accessorizer, Kaleidoscope, and Yeti.

There are other platforms in which you can access additional knowledge, from simple home building skills to advanced technology. Some of these include:

Novoed – For-profit education company offering primarily technology courses, with courses in other areas like business, entrepreneurship, design and creativity and humanities.

TreehouseEducation company located in the United States, offering online courses in web development, web design, game development.

CodeClub – Hosted in the United Kingdom, volunteering initiative targeted at giving kids a start in programming and coding skills. Simple, self-paced learning projects where kids can learn HTML, Python, Scratch and CSS through the use of games, animations and websites.

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