Planning a trip to Ooty? Keep these Things in Mind

With its green hills, curving paths, and cloud-shrouded skies, Ooty makes for a perfect getaway. So what are you waiting for? Book resorts in Ooty and head over on this vacation to attend some quality time in the lap of Mother Nature. Here are some things you need to keep in mind if you’re planning a trip to this marvel of South India.

Get the Backpack Essentials Correct: As far as packing for a trip is concerned, the clothes you pick are probably the ones with the topmost priority. Plenty of warm, dry clothes, clothes for the rainy season, jackets, hiking boots, quite a few fresh pair of socks are a must provided you want to stay dry on your trip to Ooty. A jacket, preferably, windcheaters, are going to make the stay much easier and comfortable. Also, do not forget your raincoats and umbrellas.

First aid kits are a must. Thus, ensure you are assisted by the usual cotton balls, bandages, insect repellents, and pain relief gels. Some extras that you might carry include medicines to counter cold and cough, a sharp knife or a pair of scissors, and antiseptics.

Extra equipment including cameras, adapters and chargers, a torch, matchboxes and others, is advisable too. However, it would be better if you let your eyes take in the scenic views and picturesque landscapes of Ooty before you go click-click!

Choose where to Stay: For the adventurous people out there, unconventional resorts provide the best stay, but many standard hotels and resorts are available too. The hotels and resorts usually have a South Indian touch to it. However, the location, expense, and ambience of your sybaritically up to your preferences. After all, you need to ensure that you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket, right?

Mingle with the Culture: There is no special cultural norm that you need to bear in mind while visiting Ooty, but the language might turn out to be a slight problem. The predominant language is Tabuk, with Kannada and Malayalam coming in second. However, English is understood to a certain extent, and not seriousproblems in communication should befall you.

Enjoy the Climate: In general, Ooty does boast a calm and pleasing climate almost all year round. However, be warned! You might just end up getting caught in the rains. And, the rains might range from a small drizzle or shower to an unending torrential downpour. It is advisable to stay indoors as long as it rains hard, although trekking or hiking in a slight drizzle has a unique flavor of its own. Irrespective of the weather, however, if you have gone through the essentials mentioned above, you must have packed your umbrellas and raincoats. And, if you do so, you might as well go out sightseeing in the rain!

Choose the Transportation as per Your Budget: Ooty isn’t exceptionally expensive. However, you will want your journey to be very comfortable for which you will have to make arrangements from beforehand. You should buy the tickets in advance and grab the best deals on flights and train. You can even rent a car or board a tourist bus to experience the beauty of this tranquil hill station.

Pro tips: Remember to keep with you always, the phone numbers of the tourism office, the police station, and the government hospitals in Ooty. Also, don’t get tricked into taking up bad staying places through the bus or cab operators who in turn make money out of this apparent thoughtfulness.

These were some of the main things that you should bear in mind if you have decided to book resorts in Ooty for your next vacation. This vibrant and cheerful place, after all, is a thing of beauty – a joy that you can cherish forever.


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