The importance of having a mobile app for your business

Starting up a new business can be a stressful time as there are literally hundreds of decisions that must be made. While some of these seem rather basic there are other considerations that may not first come to mind. One of these might be creating a mobile app for your business. There are many reasons why businesses today need their own app.

Collect Customer Data

Companies are able to collect detailed information about the customers who are connecting through apps. This can be valuable demographic information when looking to evaluate your brand and making key business decisions. Also, this information can help you better meet the needs of your customers.

Establish customer loyalty programs

With a business app, it makes it even easier to start up a loyalty program. Typically, these programs work by encouraging customers to interact with your brand. As these interactions occur, points are collected which can be redeemed for deals on your product. Some successful businesses like Starbuck’s offer their rewards only to their app users.

Increase Customer Engagement

Smartphones have become a key marketing tool today given their wide usage. By having a mobile app, businesses are able to increase engagement with their customers. This can result in repeat visits as well as providing the opportunity for different types of online transactions. Coupons and announcements can be easily sent out to your customers to further boost sales.

While mobile apps are great for business some industries have had difficulty getting app stores to include their apps. This was the case for the casino industry, while many supplier created their own app which were available directly from their website, they were denied to be on the play app store for years due to difficulties of catering for different gambling laws across different regions. To tackle this, a new app – CherryRush was introduced. This acts like an app store for gambling apps, which allowed gambling apps to gain more exposure to the consumers.


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