Should SEO Play a Part in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Whenever Google changes its algorithm, it seems like there is always a small group of people screaming that SEO is finished. Every time they say this, they are proven wrong. Sure, SEO changes regularly as search engines alter their algorithms to bring the best results to internet users, but this should be embraced, rather than feared. After all, isn’t it best if we can connect with our consumers more accurately?

Despite the changes, SEO continues to be a vital aspect of any digital marketing strategy. A well run campaign can provide a high return on investment in a way that is quantifiable and easy to adjust. It can be useful on its own, or as a complement to other digital marketing techniques such as pay per click campaigns and social media marketing. Here are some of the key reasons that you should use SEO as part of your digital marketing strategy.


SEO Is Easy to Quantify

One of the biggest benefits of SEO is that it is very easy to see exactly what is happening and to quantify the results. With Google Analytics, you can see which terms are bringing in the most traffic, as well as which ones are leading to the most conversions. You can use this information to modify and optimize your campaigns, which helps you get the highest return on your investment.


Be Ready for Mobile

It was only a few years ago that the majority of our searches were done on laptops and desktops. Now, the usage of computers is diminishing rapidly, as advances in mobile technology have made them far more useful and convenient. The smart marketers are aware of this and are putting much of their focus into optimizing SEO for mobile users.


Good Value for Money

SEO is generally considered to give a good return on investment, and one of the main benefits is that you know how much it will cost you ahead of time. This is because SEO work is generally done on a fixed price basis, while social media campaigns and pay-per-click can be more unpredictable. If you lack the knowledge or time to manage these campaigns effectively, the costs can quickly escalate. At least with SEO, you know how much it will cost you from the start, and you can plan your marketing budget accordingly.


SEO Gets Results

Although people may decry the death of SEO every year, it’s simply not the case. You can bet your right arm that those who are at the top of competitive search terms aren’t there by accident – they are there because of targeted and intelligent SEO work.


Are Your Competitors Outranking You?

If you aren’t high up in the page rank, you have to consider the reasons why. Is it because you aren’t paying enough attention to your SEO strategy? The answer is most likely a resounding yes. If you want your business to stay competitive, you really need to be putting in the effort to get a high ranking. If your rivals employ a strong SEO strategy, then you will need to as well. Location matters as well, whether you’re in the US or Sydney SEO plays a vital role to help your business ahead of the competition.


Adds Credibility to Your Business

Most of us treat Google as an omniscient being, and we give significant authority to the first few sites that it brings up. If a site ranks highly, many people tend to view it as a credible resource on whatever they are researching. Something on page 10? Not so much.

Having a high page ranking can help to give internet users a sense of trust in your brand and a feeling that they can rely on you. This can help your businesses reputation and boost sales in the long run.


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