iOS 10’s Control Centre brought to Android via a Free App

Both the iOS and Android platforms have expanded a lot in the last few years. Android provides a variety of features which outmatch iOS. Similarly, iOS has come up with attributes which surpass that of Androids. Currently, there are areas of coincidence among the 2 platforms where even inspite of that one of the platform proves superior over the other. A good instance is the Control Centre which users favor in the iOS platform due to its neat structure and the aspect that it requires only 1 swipe to get access into.

Android still has the advantage regarding ambidexterity as designers have more flexibility on Google compared to that of iOS. Using this advantage, one particular designer revamped iOS 10’s Control center with some tweaks and made it cost free for all users of Android.

Panda Brothers Studio freshly launched an app named Control Center which integrates a Control Center for the Android products.

Supported on most of the Android devices using Android 4.0.3 or newer, the app allows users to get entrance into the Control Center similar to iPhones by swiping from the screen’s bottom or by long pressing the home button. Once inside the app provides users with a widespread variety of shortcuts encompassing almost all the shortcuts found on Apple’s Control Center along with some extra shortcuts for app manager, file manager and a specific “memory boost” shortcut which cleans the RAM of the phone.

This app is a cost-free download from Play Store. Below given is the info regarding it

It is a perceptive and handy tuner controlling tool for devices functioning on Android. It features the frequently utilized switches and handy tools of the Android System. It aids consumers to immediately toggle the settings of the device and display favored tools in one location. It is integrated with an overlay panel which can be controlled by the user from any place and any time irrespective of the app that is functioning currently. It provides sustenance regarding toggles for GPS, WiFi, Airplane Mode and Bluetooth. It also supports shortcuts for System Settings, Camera, Screen Lock etc. It provides maintenance of the brightness of the screen and Media Volume tweaking. It particularly provides support for memory boost, Gallery and File & App Managers.  It features a stylish OS 10 aspect with a neat interface providing 2 choices namely Basic and Advanced.


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